With the addition of "Special Sales!" (see the link on the navigation bar, located at the top), I felt it was important to include some of my customers comments, taken from correspondence I've received.  I want my customers to feel comfortable and confident when buying from me!  My auction feedback also will give you some idea as to my customers experiences...click on any of the auction links on many of these pages to go to my 'Me' auction pages to view feedback...and Thank You!


Dana I am speechless!!! These pieces are magnificant!!! I adore them!! The energy from the pendulums is incredible. My friends will be pleased!!!



I wanted to tell you...my Mom adores her pendulum, and my Mother-In-Law thought that the garnet celtic necklace was so beautiful.  They both were so happy with their mother's day gifts.  You do such a wonderful job on your jewelry and pendulums, and they noticed the work and positive energies you put into them. Thanks Dana!  :)


Hi Dana!
I got my set today and it's GORGEOUS!! Really wonderful and I love the earrings too!! These really came out great as ALWAYS:-))) Many thanks!


Hey Dana!

I got my package today and the beads and necklace are beautiful! You have done wonderful work, and I am so thrilled! Thank you so much! Ill talk to you again soon, and take care.


Dana:  I just received the earring set. Thank you SO much for making this a great first transaction for me, here! I left positive feedback, of course; I hope I did it right! The earrings are beautiful beyond words!  My one "wild" streak is my fondness for ear cuffs, the slave style in particular, but I have trouble finding them, and when I do, they tend to look heavy and HURT!  These are so delicate and comfortable...I've only had them on a few minutes and unless I shake my head, don't even feel them.  And when I put them on and looked, it was as if I was born to wear them.  The picture didn't begin to do them justice! Many, many thanks again!!! Susan


Hi Dana, I received the items today and I just can't express how pleased I am!   Ebays Feedback does not give you enough space to truly express yourself.   So I just thought I'd write and tell you myself.   I especially love the Pendulum!   It is so beautiful!!   I swear both items took my breath!   Even your presentation was awesome!  I adore the matching pouch, and the sage was a special treat too.   I really mean this...you really know how to present yourself and your art...and it is Art!   Thank you so much, I look forward to doing more business with you... ~Annette~


Dear Dana,

The bracelet is perfect in every way!  The fit is flawless and the the entire
color scheme and "feel" are magnificent.  It will go with everything, and I
will wear it all the time. 

I feel that the moonstones balance the darker tones perfectly, and thank you
sincerely for spending the time and energy to create this lovely piece to suite
me.  I absolutely love it!!  You have created the perfect "Avalon" bracelet. : D

Peace and hugs,



I got my pendulum in the mail, and I LOVE it!  It's the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen.  And the moonstones have such pretty colorings.  The sage was a very wonderful thought too. 
I liked that.

Thank you once again for such a lovely item.



Hi Dana :)

Just wanted you to know, I received the pendulum, yesterday.
It is so beautiful.  You have created a stunning piece!
Thank you so much for offering this. Sheryl


Hi Dana, I received the package today!  Those pendulums are beautiful!  I fell in love with all of them!  (I connected with Rainbow Fluorite pendulum immediately!) Also, the matched beads on the bag are very nice touch!  You are a very thoughtful and loving person!


Dear Dana,
I got the pendulum sets in the mail and they are sooo gorgeous!! I love
them and will treasure them always!! Thank you sooo much!!



Hello Dana, I just wanted to let you know that my beautiful pendulum set arrived today.  It's more beautiful than the picture!  You do amazing work.   Thanks so much. Blessings, Samantha


I have received hundreds of emails over the years similar to the above..and I thank each and every one of you...Blessings, Dana